If 'An Inconvenient Truth' is our ass-kicker designed to make us put down that bottle of water and rethink our environmental attitudes, Ondi Timoner's 'Cool It' is our level-headed documentary designed to make us think rather than just react. Moving away from personal, small-scale stories like music rivalry with 'Dig!' and how social experimentation and the Internet intermingled in the '90s with 'We Live in Public,' Timoner grabs onto one of the world's most prevalent issues and rocks it.

Always one for unique stories outside the normal public sphere, Ondi Timoner teams up with author of 'The Skeptical Environmentalist' Bjorn Lomborg to discuss what's really at stake with climate change, and what's actually necessary to make true advances in the fight. Lomborg has been a controversial figure in the environmental circuit for years, fighting claims of scientific dishonesty, and gaining a lot of ill will for his fight against the Kyoto Protocol. His approach is one of cost-benefit -- how to bring on all the changes the world needs, while spending money for the fight in a responsible manner. The kicker -- he thinks there's a lot more that's pressing in this world than climate change.