Suffice it to say that it's been a tough year for Universal Pictures, at least commercially speaking; starting with the long-delayed remake of 'The Wolfman' and continuing through last month's geek-friendly 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World', the majority of their releases were D.O.A., regardless what Cinematical (or anybody else, for that matter) said about them. Thankfully, many of these films were actually pretty good, and with any luck will find their audiences on home video and cable. But not counting 'Scott Pilgrim', which probably had the year's highest hype-to-letdown ratio, 'MacGruber' was ushered into theaters with the strongest adversarial stink of "not another SNL adaptation," and despite being a raucously entertaining movie and one of the year's best comedies, it failed to explode (commercially) on impact.

On September 7, Universal Studios Home Entertainment released 'MacGruber' on Blu-ray and DVD, offering a modest slate of extras along with two different presentations of the film: the theatrical cut and an extended, unrated version. Regardless which one you choose to watch, both feature a scene that ranks among the funniest of the year, and one that's worth watching the whole film to catch, whether or not you think the rest of the film lives up to it.