The Hollywood Reporter
, once one of the biggest of the Hollywood trade papers, has been atrophying readers for years now as print journalism continues to lose ground to the Internet. The company tried to stop the hemorrhaging with a website of its own, but the site has floundered compared to other entertainment destinations like The Wrap, Indiewire, and Deadline.

Fighting to stay relevant -- and alive -- the company brought in former Us Weekly Editorial Director Janice Min back in June. Working alongside Richard Beckman, the chief executive of E5 Global Media (THR's parent company), Min's announced a bold new plan for THR -- the launch of a new glossy weekly magazine. The cynical amongst us are already wondering how jumping from a daily newspaper format that people weren't interested in to the also-on-the-decline weekly periodical market is a step forward, but Beckman and Min have a bold plan. We'll just have to wait and see if it pans out.

Looking to put real journalistic integrity back into the Reporter is the first step. Less pandering to the studios with stories that are little more than re-written press releases and more in-depth reporting and investigative journalism are the first order of business. Readers may have already noticed some of these changes. Back in July, Min ran a news story with unnamed sources saying that ABC's former Entertainment President Stephen McPherson's resignation was tied to multiple harassment complaints. This wasn't your typical THR fluff piece from years past.

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