Robert De Niro sports a beard at the Elgin Theater. Alexis Bledel hits a TIFF press conference for 'The Conspirator,' while co-star Kevin Kline hits the red carpet. Playboy Playmate Bridget Marquardt throws a TIFF party. Rachelle Lefevre might've missed out on 'Eclipse,' but it let her find her way to TIFF. Ron Perlman takes a puff on the red carpet. Hilary Swank smiles with 'Conviction.' Emma Stone trades in her scarlet letter for some floofy shoulder thing.

Scott Weinberg caught James Gunn's 'Super' and wrote: "This is a flick that wants you to laugh at some seriously dark and weird material, but it also has the audacity to challenge the viewer to delve a little deeper. In other words, Super felt like a (very funny) comedy while I was watching it -- but after a few hours had passed, I found myself contemplating the flick's darker and considerably more serious side."

Meanwhile, I caught Keira Knightley's 'Last Night' and thought: "Massy Tadjedin has quickly established herself as a notable and talented new filmmaker. Last Night is an impressive first feature, knowing when to savor a moment and linger, and knowing when to retreat and tease curiosity."