Disney's 'Prince of Persia' is hitting DVD shelves this week, and while the latest addition to the history of perfectly serviceable video game flicks wasn't the franchise-booster the studio was counting on, I wouldn't bet that Hollywood is done with video game movies just yet. Last weekend at the box office proved once again that game franchise fans will always stand up and show their pride on opening weekend -- and if there is money to be made Hollywood will continue to return to the well again, and again ... and again. Which might sound depressing to you non-gamers or gamer haters, but I'm an optimist, and I choose to believe that video games are just as good as any other medium, like novels or board games -- you just have to do it right.

Everybody thinks they have the perfect formula for making a video game into a great movie (the world is full of armchair quarterbacks, and I'm no different), but for most gamers, one of the frustrating things about most console-to-big screen endeavors is that they usually bear little resemblance to the game that everyone loved in the first place. Take for example 'Silent Hill'. There was a game with great design, atmosphere, and a relatively cinematic plot, but by the time the title made it to the big screen everything was different, and not in a good way. In fact, if you scan a list of some of the video game flicks in the last couple of years you'll see that they all suffer from a similar fate.

We are living in a golden age of video games, and we've come a long way from Pong. Games now have stories and visuals that are just as complex as anything we can get at the movies, which is why today's Cinematical Seven is about video games still out there that have what it takes to be great movies.
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