Maybe. It certainly has a better shot at Oscar consideration than Smith's following flick 'Hit Somebody,' a movie about hockey starring Sean William Scott (there have been more Oscar-nominated movies about catfood-eating aliens in the slums of Johannesburg than Oscar-nominated movies about hockey). I love Kevin Smith, but I don't particularly care for his movies. The man is a candid and typically refreshing Hollywood presence, and his epic Q & A sessions are so hilarious that I once shelled out some major cash to see him do his thing at Carnegie Hall. But the films for which he's famous seem to be infused with the man's persona, though none of his sizable wit or storytelling panache. Sure 'Chasing Amy' has its well-scripted moments of Affleck-tian glory, 'Clerks' is deeply admirable, 'Mallrats' is overstuffed with nostalgic and ironic value, and 'Jersey Girl' - maligned as it was - is endlessly funnier and more sincere than your average romantic comedy and... okay, so I guess I kind of care for his movies.

But 'Red State' - the supposedly grim and unflinching horror movie that Smith is fast gearing up to direct from his own script - might be the film with which Smith makes believers out of even his most diffident fans.
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