Terra NovaThe upcoming Fox series Terra Nova, which is being executive produced by Steven Spielberg, is encountering some heavy turnover. First, producer David Fury has left due to creative differences. This is unsurprising as there are a lot of sci fi powerhouses involved with Terra Nova and undoubtedly there has been some butting of the heads.

Next, there is potential of a new cast member in Stephen Lang. He was in 'Avatar' as the villainous Colonel Miles Quaritch and I'm betting the powers-that-be are hoping his association with that movie will lend some eyeballs to this television show. It's a science fiction show on Fox, after all, and thus needs all the help it can get.

The show is about a group of humans from a dying future Earth go back in time to populate the world when the dinosaurs existed. Initially, this premise reminded me a bit of the British series Primeval, but other than the time travel and dinosaur elements, they are different stories altogether.
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