We know that Will Ferrell is a funny man. He helped make cowbells an iconic moment of comedy. He's offered us the likes of 'Old School,' 'Anchorman,' and 'The Other Guys.' He's rambunctious, ridiculous, and over-the-top, and we love him for it. But when he played Harold Crick in 'Stranger Than Fiction,' we learned that the comedy could be reigned in to that right mix of humor and real-life depth. Suddenly he wasn't the impetuous comedian, but rather a living, breathing man -- even if said man's life was dictated by one woman's typewriter.

'Everything Must Go'
sees Ferrell return to the world of dramedy. But this time the added quirk has been released, allowing the actor to live out one very bad week as one man's life crumbles around him. It's not a perfect comedic drama -- it's a paint-by-numbers tale of one man's struggles with addiction -- but it allows Ferrell to stretch his true talents and once again find the humor and pain in life's woe.