We know that we here at Cinematical have been yammering on and on about how awesome Fantastic Fest is, but that's only because we wish everyone who wanted to could simply attend the largest genre festival in the US. Unfortunately we live in a world where day jobs still exist and teleportation does not, and so for many getting down to Austin, TX for a decadent week of film programming starting on September 23 just isn't in the cards. If that's the case for you, then you'll be glad to know that IFC Midnight, the genre arm of IFC Films, has your back.

IFC Midnight are now set to make the films they're contributing to Fantastic Fest available On-Demand around the country. And what films are those exactly? 'Heartless', directed by Philip Ridley, starring Jim Sturgess as a man who thinks he's starting to see demons; 'High Lane', a French flick about mountain climbing gone wrong that I've seen and can attest is definitely worth your time; 'Primal', a "neo-Ozploitation" flick from Australian director Josh Reed; and 'Red, White & Blue', Simon Rumley's truly harrowing film about three people whose lives violently collide.

In addition to those four new pick ups, IFC Midnight will also be re-releasing three of its previous Fantastic Fest acquisitions: 'The Human Centipede', 'The Good, The Bad, The Weird', and 'Doghouse' (I highly recommend these last two). So that means you will soon be able to watch seven movies with the Fantastic Fest seal of approval by simply picking up a remote control. I wish I had had those options in the years when I couldn't make the pilgrimage to Austin, TX. Read on for the full details.
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