When George Reeves began the TV series 'Adventures of Superman' he was 37 years old, and he continued playing the role of Clark Kent/Superman into his mid-40s before the show was canceled. But in the fifty years since, the DC Comics character has been more associated with younger actors, particularly through the more recent success of another TV adaptation, 'Smallville.' That said, people are once again spreading the two-month-old rumor that Warner Bros. seriously wants Jon Hammto star in the studio's next 'Superman' reboot. The 'Mad Men' actor is going to be 40 next March, but should that matter if he's otherwise perfect for the part?

Some have noted that other recent comic book movies feature 40-something leads, such as 'Iron Man' (Robert Downey Jr.) and 'Wolverine' (Hugh Jackman). And well, if Superman could be a teenager in 'Smallville,' why couldn't he be closer to middle age at some other point? Maybe Hamm couldn't do the origin story and portray the character upon his arrival in Metropolis, but if producer Christopher Nolan and screenwriter David Goyer are interested in just jumping into the Superman story well into his life and prominence as the Man of Steel, that is fine. Just try to get the image out of your head of Hamm as Don Draper suffering through a single lap in the pool the other night -- even if Superman drank and smoked like a '60s adman, he wouldn't have such health issues.
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