In the words of Fred Kwan from Galaxy Quest: That was a hell of a thing!

I hope you enjoyed watching Night Watch, a fascinating and visually inventive film full of ideas. Timur Bekmambetov's breakthrough movie artfully mines history, gothic literature, pop culture and the horror and fantasy genres to create a strikingly original mythology, stunning visuals, and a compelling story in which the fate of the world hangs in the outcome. But, according to Bekmambetov, the real magic happened in the editing room.

In the DVD commentary track for Night Watch, the Russian director likens film editing to painting and composing music. Where the painter or musician has brushes or notes, the filmmaker's tools are scenes. "Editing is the movie," Bekmambetov says.

Night Watch is full of stirring visual information and complex concepts. It would be a chore to sit through the movie if not for good editing, but Bekmambetov and his crew manage to pull it off. The filmmakers even artfully weave animated subtitles into the visual thread to help move the story along. They secure an energetic pace that's never too busy or too lethargic. That's a tough thing to do when you're making a crazy ass movie about conflicted mystical beings battling oppressed vampires in dank, modern day Moscow.
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