On September 14, 2010, Warner Home Video is releasing David Fincher's breakthrough serial-killer thriller 'Seven' on Blu-ray. As one of our "holy grail" high-definition releases (it was the first VHS cassette that specified that the film should be watched "in the dark" to maximize its chills), Cinematical checked out the forthcoming release, and it lives up to fan expectations – and more. In addition to the four commentary tracks and library of bonus content previously available on New Line's 2000 Platinum Series two-disc special edition, the new Blu-ray boasts gorgeous high-definition presentation that surpasses even the superlative editions of the film that were previously available on home video (except for that VHS, of course).

To commemorate the release of 'Seven' (or as purists sometimes call it, 'Se7en') on Blu-ray as well as the 15th anniversary of the film's theatrical release, Warner Home Video has provided Cinematical with an iconic clip from the upcoming release. In the scene, detectives Mills (Brad Pitt) and Somerset (Morgan Freeman) begin to uncover the pattern emerging from a string of murders the two are investigating. Meanwhile, the clip offers our favorite joke in the whole film, courtesy a throwaway line from Mills and Somerset's police captain, played by 'Full Metal Jacket' alum R. Lee Ermey.