If you ever had doubts over whether or not Korean horror films are absolutely balls-to-the-wall absurd, all you have to do is watch the trailer for the absurdly titled Anti Gas Skin by Korean directors Kim Gok and Kim Sun. Described by 24 Frames Per Second as an "action, serial killer thriller," the plot is summed up thusly:

Four individuals, each with their own motives, are out to find a serial killer that wears a gas mask. There's the disfigured Mi-Joo, who seeks to be killed by the mask-wearing murderer to escape the pain of her disfigurement; Sang-Kun Joo, a political candidate threatened with death if he wins the election; Bo-Sik, a traffic warden who believes he's a superhero; and Patrick, who wants revenge on the gas mask killer for seemingly murdering his girlfriend. Who is behind the mask, and what is its true nature?

The film is called Bloodproof in its native Korea, and while the change is...kind of reflected in the new title, it makes you wonder why they decided to change it for its stateside release. It recently screened at the Venice Film Festival as well. Check out the trailer below for maximum weirdness.

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