As technology continues to advance and become more affordable, we're starting to see some amazing short films turn up on the Internet made by people with a computer, a camera, and a vision. It's really an interesting time to be not only a movie fan, but an aspiring filmmaker as well. The tools are out there for anyone to create incredible things. This short video from 21-year-old Russian filmmaker Alexander Semenov is the latest example.

Inspired by Michael Bay's 'Transformers', the fledgling director set out to create his own take on morphing robots masquerading as everyday objects. Rather than hide in plain sight as a radio or television, the machines in Semenov's tale take the form of something many of us can't live without -- our cellphones.

Two shirtless young men meet in a deserted street to have a showdown. Each takes out their phones, which then morph into miniature robots armed with heavy artillery. The two Transformers battle it out in the street while their owners watch. Stick around for the conclusion, because there's a cool surprise at the end.

Semenov says the video was shot in two hours, but took a month to edit. He mentions that it was filmed on a Canon 550D camera with some small parts shot on a Nikon D5000. While the video doesn't feature a particularly deep story and runs less than four minutes, it's still well worth checking out.

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