Once upon a time -- a mere decade ago, even -- the local video store was a ubiquitous staple of the American landscape, right up there with gas stations and McDonald's. But with more and more people getting their home viewing experience either via Internet download, cable TV's On Demand stations, or delivery services like Netflix, video stores are collectively dying a slow and lingering death.

There's only one thing that can save them: tanning booths.

No, we're not making this up: As our pals over at Cinematical are reporting, more than 3,500 video stores have added tanning beds, which now account for roughly 40% of the total income of those stores. Sure, the combination doesn't really make any sense -- as far as we know, none of the beds have monitors inside that allow you to watch "Iron Man 2" while you bake -- but at this point, anything that can keep video stores running is worth a shot.