Film freaks don't just love Werner Herzog because he makes good films. It's also because he makes lots of very different films, and quickly, too. Looking at only the past several years, one realizes that this filmmaker has delivered movies as wildly disparate as 'Rescue Dawn', 'Grizzly Man', 'Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans', and 'Encounters at the End of the World'. Documentaries on obscure subjects, fact-based war dramas, oddball sequels, and random miscellanea. If the guy has an actual "career plan," I'd love to read it -- but I think the endlessly fascinating Werner Herzog simply snags whatever project seems interesting to him when he has a free month or two. I admire that in a filmmaker.

Herzog's latest (and his second film of the year after 'My Son My Son, What Have Ye Done') is called 'Caves of Forgotten Dreams', and it's a quiet, mellow, and mostly captivating documentary about a prehistoric cave in Southern France that A) has only recently been unearthed, B) houses the oldest cave paintings ever discovered, and C) has never (ever) been recorded on camera before. The setting is France's Chauvet Cave, your narrative tour guide is Werner Herzog, and the resulting film will absolutely make for a very comfortable screening once The History Channel gets around to airing it.