It's safe to say that books about cult cinema are a dime a dozen – but fans of the genre are either treated to short blurbs about their favorite films in an all-to expensive compendium or cheap and chintzy titles that seem hastily put together. Small press publishers like Creation Books have been tapping into this niche market for years – printing specialized books that mass market publishers won't touch because of their transgressive subject matter and because they don't feel they have a huge audience.

Fans of mondo/death flicks like 'Mondo Cane' and 'Faces of Death' may be familiar with Creation's 'Killing for Culture' – published in 1996, this remains the definitive title for fans of the subgenre. Their film studies line of books has covered an array of topics on experimental, underground, and erotic cinema. Now comes Creation's 'Persistence of Vision'series – a limited edition (100 copies, hand-numbered, and sure to be highly collectable) of illustrated monographs on the classics of cult cinema. The large format chapbooks are not only visually pleasing, but kept concise and affordable – and include over fifty photographic illustrations, with at least thirty rarely-seen publicity photos, production details, bonus material, and color images where applicable. Two titles, 'Killing Machines: Russ Meyer's Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!' and 'Inferno De Sade: Pier Paolo Pasolini's Salò' have kicked off the series and provide an in-depth analysis and history on the classic and controversial films.

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