MTVMTV, which has long abandoned the "Music" portion of their name, has gotten into supernatural scripted television recently. First they have the television version of Teen Wolf and now they're producing a series about a group of vampire/werewolf/zombie hunters in a group called the Undead Task Force in Southern California called Death Valley.

Death Valley is going to be a combination of horror and comedy. Think Reno 911 with a supernatural twist. For those who are concerned about too many vampire shows on television (True Blood, Vampire Diaries, etc.), this one at least has potential of being a little different, even allowing for improvisation by the actors.

I'm hoping Death Valley may even get some of the cast members from The State as guest stars (perhaps they could play the zombies or the vampires. They are getting up there in age). Several members of that cast created Reno 911 in the first place.
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