Harrison Ford was already a gigantic box office draw when he signed on to star as Dr. Richard Kimble in the 1993 big-screen adaptation of the classic '60s television series 'The Fugitive.' The film would do nothing to detract from his popularity; 'The Fugitive' brought in over $183 million domestically and $368 million worldwide. Yes, it was another win for Ford.

But as great as Ford is in the movie, for many people the film belonged to Tommy Lee Jones and his unstoppable U. S. Marshall, Deputy Samuel Gerard, who hunts Kimble down in a single-minded chase across Illinois. Though the film climaxed in a three-way showdown between Kimble, Gerard and the true villain of the piece, most people remember it for the iconic confrontation between Kimble and Gerard atop a towering dam -- a dam that happens to be in North Carolina and not in Illinois at all.
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