While I've never really understood the phenomenon of a "book trailer", publishers keep putting them out in an attempt to distinguish certain titles in a crowded marketplace. I understand it from a marketing perspective, but most of the book trailers I've seen haven't exactly made me want to rush out and buy the novel they were hawking. That's changed with the two new trailers we're bringing you today -- sort of a double-edged sword in its own way.

Past the jump you'll find clips for Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall's hilarious sounding 'Night of the Living Trekkies' and J.W. Rinzler's 'The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back'.

Both these clips are really great -- so great, in fact, that I want a movie and a documentary, and not two books on these topics.

'Night of the Living Trekkies' is about a group of 'Star Trek' fanatics who wind up trapped inside a convention center where there's been a zombie outbreak. It's a funny idea and I'm guessing the book is entertaining, but after viewing the trailer I can easily see this being a film. The production values in the clip are surprisingly excellent and the acting good too.

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