If you happened to have caught either of Canadian filmmaker Carl Bessai's last two films -- the familial drama 'Mothers & Daughters' or the wrong-side-of-the-tracks romance 'Cole' -- you'd go into his latest, 'Repeaters,' expecting a simple and thoughtful indie drama. Not this time around. Though Bessai does maintain his pensive, character-focused style, he ups the ante to deliver a surprising and often kinetic look at what can happen if your days start repeating, a la 'Groundhog Day.'

Dustin Milligan -- given more to do than chill at Beverly Hills High in the first season of '90210' -- plays Kyle, an addict in mandatory rehab who faces his first day-pass out of the joint alongside friends Sonia (Amanda Crew, 'Charlie St. Cloud') and Weeks (Richard de Klerk, 'Cole'). They're on Step Nine -- making amends with the people they have wronged -- and that means Kyle heading out to apologize to his little sister, Sonia venturing to the hospital to see her father, and Weeks visiting jail to see his old man. But after a freak storm and strange shared experience, they begin repeating that one day over and over again.