It's good to see Nicole Kidman (above) not looking like a toothpick, but she's still scarier than ever at the 'Rabbit-Hole' press conference. Winona Ryder showed up to the 'Black Swan' press conference in a suit and tie, to the excitement of crushing journalists. For the same event, Natalie Portman forgot to wear pants. Rachel Weisz mixed it up between premieres for 'Black Swan' and her own film, 'The Whistleblower,' wearing a dress for the former and pants at the latter. Bruce Springsteen was in town wearing dark colors for his Darkness at the Edge of Town making-of doc 'The Promise.' Director Danny Boyle and actress Freida Pinto, each here with their respective 'Slumdog Millionaire' follow-ups, had a reunion. And two ladies who will always look amazing no matter how old they get: Helen Mirren and Catherine Deneuve.

Eric D. Snider had a pleasure spending a couple hours with 'Another Year,' which he says is typical Mike Leigh, "light on plot but heavy on characterization, full of effortlessly funny dialogue." He adds that it "comes across like an exceedingly well-acted stage play. Each performance is richly detailed, even when the character appears in only a few scenes."

Monika Bartyzel looked at Dan Rush's comedy-drama 'Everything Must Go': "This isn't a blockbuster film sure to bring in the masses. But it is a sweet -- and often very honest -- look at life, and another example of how criminally underused Will Ferrell's talents are."