When I was younger, and a compulsive VHS collector, my main stop for used tapes was a filling station/convenience store/video rental/tanning salon called JJ's. I guess the concept here was a catch-all -- fill up your car, grab a 7up and some Munchos, check out a copy of 'Speed 2: Cruise Control', and bake yourself to a crispy golden brown. It didn't really make a lot of sense then, and it doesn't really make a lot of sense now.

Nevertheless, more video stores are adding tanning booths, looking for some kind of life support as they die a slow death. Hollywood Reporter says that more than 3,500 indie video stores have tanning beds, accounting for roughly 40% of the income at those locations. It still feels like an oddball pairing, and there's not any evidence that the people getting tans are renting more movies. It's just one way for these individual businesses to stay afloat; sadly, it's not a way to revitalize movie rentals.

Also, I've watched enough horror movies to know that I should stay away from tanning beds at all costs. Don't believe me? Check out the horrific tanning scene from 'Final Destination 3' after the jump. Or better yet, rent the DVD from your local tanning salon!
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