Welcome to fall! Fall means the end of summer, which means a change in tone at the multiplex, which this year, for some mysterious reason, means two (2) movies that take place entirely or almost entirely in a claustrophobically confined space wherein the young male protagonist is trapped and fighting for his life. Even stranger than the release of two such films in close proximity to each other is the fact that both of them, despite seemingly belonging to the awards-starved horror genre, appear to be, at least at this early stage, serious Oscar contenders in at least one category. Here at Cinematical, we thought it would be good to give you this pocket-size rundown of how Danny Boyle's '127 Hours' (due November 5) stacks up against Rodrigo Cortes' 'Buried' (September 24). After all, as both movies amply demonstrate, it's good to be prepared.
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