Keanu Reeves had an awkward press conference for 'Henry's Crime' following a daring run into traffic for his fans. Jude Law poses an ugly sweater. Camilla Belle wears a dress that looks part Pollack and part barbershop floor. Only Sarah Silverman ('Peep World') would be eating a bag of popcorn during her premiere's red carpet shots.

Monika wanted more from the 'Groundhog Day'-like thriller 'Repeaters': "'Repeaters' could have been a game-changer for Bessai's cinematic world. But, as it stands, it's simply an enjoyable indie that offers a nice change of pace for Bessai fans, and a little indie fervor for fans of the stars."

Scott Weinberg thinks Werner Herzog's captured some "mind-boggling" pictures in 'Caves of Forgotten Dreams,' but is ultimately unhappy with the 3D aspect: "The gimmick does this film no favors. Even using the finest cameras in the world, 3-D has proven itself to be an inconsistent film companion at best, but given the cameras that Herzog's crew are using ... it just doesn't work."
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