If you're a long-time Cinematical reader, you might remember that, back in 2007, word hit that John Milton's epic poem 'Paradise Lost' was getting the feature treatment. After going through some rewrites and finally getting picked up by Vincent Newman and Legendary Pictures, the project seemed to be on track, and was even looking for some big-name talent to play that famous fallen angel named Lucifer -- namely, Daniel Craig and Heath Ledger.

Now, many years have passed, one potential star has passed away (a true shame, as Ledger's talents would have been perfect for this theme) and the project is once again gaining steam over at Legendary. Some of the news might offer points of worry; but with this director on board, there's some great potential for the project. The whole affair will be directed by Alex Proyas, the man behind 'The Crow' and 'Dark City.'
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