I've always liked Ben Affleck. And with the release of this weekend's 'The Town' (a movie I enjoyed immensely), it's nice to have a respected Affleck back in our lives. Sure, in the past, like anyone, I questioned most of his decisions when it came to his roles. Who didn't? It's the tale of two careers when comparing fellow Best Original Screenplay winner Matt Damon and Affleck. After their Oscar win for 'Good Will Hunting,' Damon chose his roles wisely and stayed out of the tabloids; Affleck did the exact opposite. When Damon would chose to do a bigger budget Hollywood action movie, he chose the Jason Bourne films; Affleck chose 'Reindeer Games' and 'Pearl Harbor.' The thing is, I still liked the guy. Even while in the process making dud after dud, it seemed like Affleck was going to become the heir apparent to Alec Baldwin as a recurring host on 'SNL.' Despite everything, based on his 'SNL' appearances, at least the guy could still have fun and laugh at himself.
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The Town
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