The much-anticipated thriller 'The Town' opens today. The movie is directed by Ben Affleck and follows four Massachusetts bank robbers who are being pursued by the FBI. The ringleader (Affleck) winds up falling for a bank manager (Rebecca Hall), whom he had kidnapped during a dangerous heist.

I haven't seen 'The Town' yet, so fear not – I won't be revealing any spoilers about it here. But it got me thinking about dealbreakers in movies. Finding out your boyfriend was responsible for the most traumatic event in your life thus far should really be a dealbreaker. Does she find out? Does she take him back if she finds out? Who knows?

If she does find out and take him back, it wouldn't be the first time some major dealbreakers were ignored in favor of happy endings in Hollywood. Here's a list of the top 10 movie romance dealbreakers that really should have been dealbreakers. (Spoiler alert! I discuss the endings of all of these movies. Consider yourself warned.)
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