Everyone knows that there are three reasons why teens are such a hot and dependable box office commodity: sex, sex, and their penchant for hot and raging religious fanaticism. Wait... one of those things seems wrong (I think it's the second "sex.") But seriously folks, religious fervor is simply too prickly a subject - and one not sufficiently prom-oriented - to find its way into most Hollywood films about and intended for teenagers. I'm sure 'Degrassi' has it covered on the TV side of things, but my generation is still anxiously awaiting our own 'The Passion of Joan of Arc,' and just because Carl Theodor Dryer has been a lazy bastard dead in recent years doesn't mean that contemporary filmmakers should let the studios confine such an increasingly topical subject to the fringe and foreign likes of 'Martyrs' and 'Silent Light' (if this reads like I'm suggesting that 'The Passion of Joan of Arc' was the 'Avatar' of its time, just go with it). But this week's highly touted 'Easy A' is here to buck the trend, as the villain of this broad teen comedy is a God-fearing, pre-marital sex-hating Amanda Bynes. And while Bynes isn't exactly Dryer muse Maria Falconetti (or is it the other way around? I mean, Falconetti never won a Kid's Choice Award), this is at least a step in a refreshing direction.

So in honor of 'Easy A,' here are seven other recent-ish films that feature teens behaving godly (or otherwise acting in accordance with a higher power of some kind). I should warn that most of these films don't depict religion in a particularly positive fashion, but if you'd like to bring any less heretical titles that to light (that don't star Kirk Cameron), I encourage you to go for it in the comments.
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