Five people are trapped an elevator. They don't know anything about the circumstances of their confinement or who they are confined with, but the mood is growing ever more mysterious. Oh, and there's a big - but invisible - elephant in the room. Actually, to be more precise, there are two hidden elephants casting a doom and gloom shadow on the entire affair. The first is the escalating concern that one of the five souls in the elevator might actually be the devil hiding in human form. The second, possibly even scarier, elephant is that all of the trailers for 'Devil' sold the film as being from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan, a man whose track record of late has been, to put it diplomatically, less than inspiring.

Fortunately all concerned parties can rest assured that Shyamalan's involvement has not hurt 'Devil' one iota. The only negative affect he's had on the film is having potentially dissuaded a number of people from seeing it. And that's a shame because he deserves a healthy amount of credit for having cooked up the idea for a movie that is highly original, remarkably captivating, and, well, just plain cool.
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Elevator passengers (Logan Marshall-Green, Geoffrey Arend) become trapped with a demonic entity. Read More