She may squeeze laughs out of compulsively crooning Natasha Bedingfield's irritatingly catchy "Pocketful of Sunshine" in this week's 'Easy A,' but once upon a time Emma Stone sang those kinds of easy listening ditties in earnest.

On national television.

Competing for the chance to play ... Laurie Partridge?

The year was 2004, and Stone (then going by her given name, Emily) was a competitor on the VH1 reality show 'In Search of the New Partridge Family.' The 'American Idol'-esque competition had audiences call in to vote on who they wanted cast in VH1's planned 'Partridge Family' reboot, but of course that was a terrible idea -- except for the fact that Stone won, beating out seven other wannabe Laurie Partridges for the role on the quickly-cancelled 'The New Partridge Family' series, and in doing so earned her first credited screen role.

Reviews of the reality competition were only slightly better than the reaction to the pilot episode that resulted. One reality TV recapper for Reality News Online described Stone's rendition of Meredith Brooks' "Bitch" thusly: "[Stone's] performance can be summed up in one word -- karaoke." OUCH. Later in the review, the writer criticizes Stone's dramatic acting challenge, in which she "totally misses the essence of Laurie." Luckily for Stone, 'Superbad' was only a few years away.

Unfortunately, video evidence of Stone's reality TV days are difficult to find (shocking!) but thankfully, we found one. Below the jump, behold Emma Stone and co-finalist Alexis Mero performing a duet of Pat Benatar's "We Belong" as images of the O.G. Laurie Partridge, Susan Dey, play on a screen behind them.

("Pocketful of Sunshine" isn't sounding so terrible anymore, is it?)
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