Alpha and Omega

'Alpha and Omega'
Directors: Anthony Belland Benjamin Gluck
Rated: PG for rude humor and some mild action
Starring:Justin Long, Hayden Panettiere, Danny Glover, Dennis Hopper

Moviefone Mama Says: Although this Lionsgate and Crest Animation comedy, about two wolves trying to make their way back home, isn't on the same level as Pixar or DreamWorks' animated features, it's an amusing romance-driven animal tale, best suited for middle-graders and up. Kate (Panettiere) and Humphrey (Long) prove that the best relationships aren't based on class or popularity, but on love and friendship. Their journey back home to Canada, after getting whisked off to Idaho to "repopulate" (they don't), isn't all that epic or adventurous, but there are a few funny scenes with a golf-crazed Canadian goose (Larry Miller) and a British duck (Eric Price), whom they meet. There's more sexual innuendo (see "Parent Concerns") than expected; for every reference that will go over younger kids' heads ("Was it good for you?") there's one that they'll get and possibly repeat ("She's hot!"), so this movie is a better fit for upper-elementary children than pre-schoolers.

Did you know?: This is the late Dennis Hopper's final film (the actor died of prostate cancer in May), and the filmmakers dedicated to his memory.

3-D Factor: Yes for older kids who can keep the glasses on without squirming, but if you're on the fence, it's not one of those movies you must see in 3-D.
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Alpha and Omega
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After park rangers capture and ship them halfway across the country, omega wolf Humphrey (Justin Long)... Read More