Last weekend, 'Resident Evil' joined the relatively small club of movie franchises that survive to the fourth chapter. A three-part series is nothing. Plenty of movies produce exactly two sequels and no more. It's so common that we have a word for it. That word is "trilogy." But FOUR parts! That is rarefied territory, so uncommon that the word we tend to use for it, "quadrilogy," isn't a real word. And to make a Part 4 that's actually entertaining is even rarer. In honor of 'Resident Evil: Afterlife,' here are five other fourth chapters that are worth watching.

'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.'
The midpoint of the book series is the high point of the movie series -- if any of the novels should have been split into two films, it was this one. Once again fighting evil at his notoriously unsafe school for witches and devil-worshippers, Harry Potter here discovers that the stakes are as high as they can get: Someone actually DIES in this chapter. It's only Robert Pattinson, but still.

The fourth James Bond film has a lot of scenes set underwater! And Sean Connery almost got eaten by a shark while filming them! And Bond has a jet pack! And the villain has an eyepatch! Everybody has something, including the viewer, who has a great time!

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