Will Ferrell
is taking a cue from his latest film, 'Megamind,' by hosting a superhero stunt. He's hoping to break the Guinness World Records title for the largest gathering of superheroes. The comedian will need to round up over 1,500 costumed characters for the event, which takes place at the L.A. Live theater on Oct. 2 at 8AM.

A press release is advising fans to arrive dressed to impress, as a "recognizable superhero that has appeared in a published book, comic, television program or film, as stipulated by the record guidelines." What the press release doesn't tell you is that if you dress like Dazzler or Jubilee people will laugh at you. An official judge and Guinness rep will bear witness to the shenanigans to make sure all the costumes count and no one pokes an eye out.

It's no surprise that DreamWorks Animation has organized the publicity stunt in celebration of "MegaMonth" -- dedicated to Mega-events across the U.S. It's all honoring the release of Tom McGrath's animated superhero comedy starring Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill and Tina Fey. Ferrell plays the title character, Megamind, a super villain who tries to conquer Metro City but has met his match in the city's hero, Metro Man (Pitt). The two battle it out until fate flips things around for the fiendish foe, and a new villain (Hill) causes Megamind to reconsider superhero status.

If you're planning on heading over to L.A. Live, let us know what you're wearing so we can judge your likeability in tights and a metallic leotard. Check out the latest 'Megamind' trailer after the jump.
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