'Little Miss Sunshine' kid Abigail Breslin sang in front of an audience for the first time, belting some tunes she recorded for 'Janie Jones' (here's a clip of that performance). People are on their way out of Toronto, including Natalie Portman, seen at Pearson airport. Is this an unveiling of Ryan Gosling's wax likeness for Madame Tussauds or the actor himself on the red carpet for the 'Blue Valentine' premiere? Sarah Silverman adjusts her top at the 'Peep World' premiere, Jennifer Connelly seems to have borrowed an old British WWII desert uniform for the 'What's Wrong with Virginia' premiere. Did Aidan Quinn and Kristen Scott Thomas plan to wear matching digs to their 'Sarah's Key' premiere?

Sorry, no new reviews posted Friday, but more will be published over the weekend.

IFC Films is now apparently in the Rainn Wilson business. Following its pick up of the WIlson-starrer 'SUPER,' the distributor has now snatched 'Peep World,' an ensemble comedy in which the actor co-stars with Sarah Silverman, Michael C. Hall, Judy Greer and Lesley Ann Warren.

Roadside Attractions and Lionsgate teamed up again to acquire the Will Ferrrell dramedy 'Everything Must Go,' which Monika reviewed favorably.

Kelly Reichardt's highly acclaimed 'Meek's Cutoff,' a western starring Michelle Williams and Paul Dano, sold to Oscilloscope Laboratories, which also distributed Reichardt's 'Wendy and Lucy.' The film will get an early 2011 release date.

Anchor Bay has taken the indie serial killer film 'A Horrible Way to Die' for all English-language territories.

Ingrid Veninger's 'Modra,' about a teen girl visiting her extended family in Slovakia, has sold Canadian distribution rights to Mongrel Media.

Kind of the opposite of a deal, Disney is said to be looking to get rid of its infidelity drama 'Last Night,' a Miramax leftover starring Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington.
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