Emma Stone appears poised for stardom in this week's 'Easy A,' a comedy about a high school student who doesn't give a damn about her (made-up) bad reputation until her small town classmates completely turn on her. Cinematical caught up with director Will Gluck ('Fired Up!'), the man responsible for giving Stone her much-deserved break-out role, to share our mutual love for Emma Stone, talk teen sexuality, and find out more about his next film, the Justin Timberlake-Mila Kunis romantic comedy 'Friends with Benefits.'

Along the way we managed to take a few detours into 'Sixteen Candles' fandom, because, let's face it; no fan of '80s cinema should ever pass up the opportunity to compare notes on the real life Jake Ryan (real name: Michael Schoeffling). Read on for all this and more, including how Gluck sees Kunis and Timberlake as the new Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn and how he really feels about Twitter, Facebook, and texting.

First of all, I love Emma Stone. Thank you for giving her a starring vehicle.

Isn't she great?

How did you cast her and how did you know she was the one for the part?

All the adjectives that Emma Stone has ... I was looking for Emma Stone. She's such a big, huge part of this movie. When she auditioned for me, I told every actress to go home and do any scene in the movie on a webcam and email it to me. Four hours later Emma emails me the confessional scene -- that's actually going to be on the DVD -- and I walked over to the studio with it, pushed play, and said "Here she is." And they said, "You're right!"' It was that easy.
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