Make. It. Stop.

No, that isn't the tagline for 'Paranormal Activity 2,' the upcoming sequel to the grassroots 2009 hit about a young couple haunted by an annoying supernatural presence. It's what you'll be driven to say after spending a full hour watching the movie's spooky new teaser trailer.

And to be sure, you will keep watching it. That's because, as first pointed out by, the trailer includes multiple "Easter eggs." If you're as geeky as we are, finding those hidden delights will become an obsession, even though your brain will fry -- make it stop! -- upon seeing the clip's bewildering footage for the 37th time.

But to spare your brains from getting blasted by an overdose of repetitive creepiness, we've done much of the sleuthing work for you with our handy guide to the Easter eggs of the 'Paranormal Activity 2' trailer. You can thank us later.

Paramount is giving fans an opportunity to experience the movie early. To see 'Paranormal Activity 2' before it hits theaters,
head to the Demand It! competition and vote for your city. Paramount will host free advance screenings (with free popcorn and soda) in the 20 cities receiving the most votes.
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