Nowhere BoyWe sat down with Aaron Johnson earlier today to discuss his role as a young John Lennon in Sam Taylor-Wood's'Nowhere Boy,' but somehow a few questions about 'Kick-Ass 2' snuck in. MTV's Splash Page tantalized us with some preview images from 'Kick-Ass 2' (the comic) in August, and comic creator Mark Millar assured fans that we'd soon have our balls glued to the proverbial wall.

Millar told MTV, "We're probably about nine months away from production starting, at the earliest, because Matthew [Vaughn]'s got to do 'X-Men: First Class'... Matthew just wants to get 'X-Men' done next year, then hopefully we'll just go straight into 'Kick-Ass 2,' that's the plan."

Johnson, who played Dave Lizewski (aka Kick-Ass), said, "Mark Millar's very enthusiastic about it, yeah, definitely. I mean, I think he's sort of set it up for a second one, but it kind of goes through Matthew Vaughn, and what have you, and they're not going to make one any time soon.... The way I heard was that we were going to wait until, I don't know, and it's, you know, it's not any time soon, I don't think. They're going to hold off and wait for that anticipation, I suppose."

Mark Millar is also finishing up the comic book 'Nemesis,' which has already been acquired by Fox and will be directed by Tony Scott. When we asked if there was maybe a part for Johnson in 'Nemesis,' he replied, "He's doing tons, though. He's doing 'War Heroes' and, you know, 'Wanted 2,' I thought they were going to film, but they obviously haven't done that yet. I don't know. It's just another one that's out there that everyone's like [talking about]."