Two exceptional films come to DVD and Blu-ray this week. First up is director Ridley Scott's semi-revisionist look at the 'Robin Hood' legend, starring his favorite actor, Russell Crow, in the title role. Though the critics disapproved, audiences liked the historical action-adventure that revels in the nitty-gritty of 13th century England (beware the mice). 'The Secret in Their Eyes' is a nitty-gritty thriller that takes place in Argentina in the present day and, via flashbacks, to the repressive 1970s, to examine an unsolved crime; in the guise of a police procedural the film explores love, justice, injustice, crime, political intrigue, remorse, revenge and lost romance. Whew!
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Robin Hood
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After the death of Richard the Lion-Hearted, a skilled archer named Robin Longstride (Russell Crowe)... Read More

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