Every movie fan knows that pensive dramas are struggling right now in this big action, third-dimensional Hollywood world. But our hope would lead us to believe that at least the pros would still have an easy (or easier) time -- that if a name like Paul Thomas Anderson was involved, good things would surely be a-coming. That doesn't seem to be the case.

Almost a year ago, we learned that the director of critically acclaimed films like 'Boogie Nights,' 'Magnolia,' and 'There Will Be Blood' was prepping a new film about religion, one that made many folks immediately think of Scientology. 'The Master' would star Philip Seymour Hoffman as a man who starts "a faith-based organization" in the '50s and teams up with a drifter named Freddie (Jeremy Renner), who soon becomes the man's "lieutenant."

But now, unfortunately, the project is postponed indefinitely.
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