How much would you spend for a day with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson? If more than $60,100, you might want to kick yourself for not taking part in the recent eBay auction for a chance to hang out with the star duo on the 'Breaking Dawn' set next year. After ten days, and a heated last few minutes that saw the bidding increase from $40,000 to the winning amount above, one very lucky 'Twilight' fan now gets to pay more money than most people make in a year for airfare to Seattle, VIP car service to Vancouver and a presumably memorable experience chumming around with vampire royalty.

Before you call it a waste of money, the whopping sum is going to a good cause: Stand Up To Cancer, which just recently held its latest telethon, will receive all proceeds from the auction. Hopefully for the amount donated the prize winner will also be given a little walk-on role, too. It's only fair, no? Given that such a part on TV's 'True Blood' has in the past been available for $10,000 and for $25,000 you could be an extra in 'X-Men: First Class,' sixty grand should be worth a little more than a bit of hanging out. Maybe the guy or girl can tag along as third wheel on a date?

Those of you who aren't 'Twilight' fans, for what other movie would you pay so much money for a chance at a set visit? What if we said you could pick any film in the history of cinema? 'Star Wars'? 'Casablanca'? 'Back to the Future'?

[via Oh No They Didn't!]
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