Waiting for No, it's not a Christopher Reeve biopic.

If you happened to miss Oprah this afternoon, allow us to catch you up to speed on one of the fall's most buzzed-about new films. 'Waiting for "Superman"' is another game-changing documentary from Davis Guggenheim, director of 'An Inconvenient Truth'; and the film looks set to do for education what the Al Gore doc did for environmentalism.

Guggenheim -- along with Bill Gates and educators such as Geoffrey Canada and D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee -- paints a startling picture of the American public education system, where a child drops out of high school every 26 seconds. That's an average of 1.2 million every year.
Waiting for "Superman"
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Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim examines the failure of U.S. schools. Read More

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