Going shopping for home video entertainment? There's a flood of television boxed sets, and a good selection of movies to rent. (For a comprehensive overview, check out this friendly guide.) But if you want to add to your permanent collection, here's our pick of three flicks to own -- and why.

Racing Dreams'Racing Dreams'
Let's start with a gem that received only a limited theatrical release after playing on the film festival circuit. In all fairness, the premise may not sound promising: Three young people pursue their goal of winning a national championship in go-kart racing. So let's focus on what the film's really about: Three kids in their early teens try to figure out who they are and what they want to do with their lives while under tremendous pressure. That's something we can all relate to, and helps explain why the film has such wide appeal.

Annabeth, 11, understands the scientific principles and dynamics of racing but begins to question her devotion to the sport. Josh, 12, talks like a seasoned pro; he sounds like an old soul trapped inside a kid's body. Brandon, 13, has a "need for speed" but his impetuousness may bring his career to a screeching halt before it ever really begins. Director Marshall Curry captures the kids on and off the track as their families face their own challenges, financial and otherwise, in deciding how best to support their very competitive offspring. It's an entertaining, bracingly honest film that just happens to be a documentary.

Why own it: You'll want to share it with friends when they come over and want to watch something that's uplifting and real. And you'll definitely want your children to watch it, and they'll want to see it more than once.

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