Today is a bad day to be Googling "Lindsay Lohan Inferno" for information about her (potentially) upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic, and an even worse day to actually be Lindsay Lohan.

That's because the troubled actress -- who delivered two truly great performances in 'The Parent Trap' before sublimating her career into a notorious post-adolescent fame-ball, which saw her making poor life choices, such as doing meth (allegedly) and working with Jared Leto (factually) -- is probably on her way to jail for another six hours or so, and her professional life is once again on hold.

While this may seem like particularly unfortunate timing for Ms. Lohan, given that her comeback film is (was?) scheduled to begin production in November, it's quite possible that 'Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story' isn't the kind of film with which she should be attempting her return as a leading lady anyhow.

For worse or for worse, a film about a porn star by a relatively unaccomplished director (Matthew Wilder) is simply not going to command the type of respect that Lohan needs in order to escape the tabloid trenches -- and Wilder's description of the film as "a shock-and-awe movie..." and "a no-holds-barred blitz on the audience," should be enough to smite whatever optimism you might have for the project.

But Lohan is just one of many formerly viable actors looking for redemption. As we've seen, comebacks are a tricky thing to accomplish in Hollywood -- an actor can leave the spotlight for any number of benign reasons and quickly find themselves mocked as irrelevant.

But such career rebounds are also the blueprints for one of Hollywood's favorite narratives, and every time someone pulls it off, that arc comes to the fore. Failed comebacks of the embarrassingly maligned variety tend not to capture the zeitgeist in quite the same way, but just because none have lead to Oscar glory since Mickey Rourke's triumph in 'The Wrestler' doesn't mean that the last two years haven't been over-stuffed with resurgent actors of all kinds.

So, as we witness a new chapter of Lindsay Lohan's high-profile rally, let's take a look at five actors who have recently returned to the silver screen with grace, and five who weren't quite so fortunate.
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