Since the 'Terminator' franchise went to hell in McG's handbasket, Hollywood has mostly been mum about the forthcoming robot uprising. Which seems like a shame: people should know. According to the Hollywood rumor mill as reported by New York Magazine, none other than Steven Spielberg is coming to the rescue. He is considering directing Daniel H. Wilson's forthcoming novel 'Robopocalypse', which Dreamworks optioned as long ago as last fall. 'Cloverfield''s Drew Goddard has reportedly just turned in a draft of a script.

A couple things are worth noting right off the bat. First, Spielberg has at least two, possibly three projects in the pipeline before he could possibly get to any 'Robopocalypse.' (I'm frankly just as intrigued by the Kip Thorne-penned 'Interstellar', which Spielberg's been circling for a good four years, and which was just recently speculated to be moving forward.) Second, as the New York Magazine piece notes, "[w]ith DreamWorks, everything is potentially a [Spielberg] project - until it's not." A quarter for every movie that's been declared "Spielberg's next" only to have it come to nothing would net you a few bucks, at least.
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