At this point no one should need any more reasons to go to Fantastic Fest, but if you're still in need of incentive, how about this: you'll be able to get drunk on tequila with a handful of crazy Spanish filmmakers (including the notorious karaoke monster Nacho 'Timecrims' Vigalonda) at an actual ghost town after watching the US premiere of the newly-announced closing night film, Takashi Miike's '13 Assassins.' Yep, Fantastic Fest and the Alamo Drafthouse have selected Ambhar tequila as the official libation of this year's festival, and while I've yet to taste the tequila myself, apparently it's good enough for Vigalondo to fly in for-- he doesn't even have a feature at the fest this year, he's just coming to drink, hang out and watch movies.

Okay, so his coming to the fest probably has less to do with the Ambhar and more to do with the films and filmmakers FF champions, but still, I'd like to think that a closing night party held at a ghost town outside of Austin, TX has a certain allure all its own. And in addition to tequila, there will be a an entire cow that has been slow roasted Argentinian-style for party goers to omnomnom on after watching a new Miike film about samurai on a suicide mission. Of course liquor, ghosts and samurai aren't the only new Fantastic Fest news.
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