A lot has changed since the 1980s, including how dance movies are made. Back then, you could cast a hot-shot young actor and not worry if he could really dance. Now, the lead role in 'Footloose' -- the upcoming remake starring Kenny Wormald, that is -- requires a bona fide hoofer, but in the 1984 original, they disguised the fact that Kevin Bacon didn't do all his own dancing for his big solo warehouse number with clever cuts and inventive lighting.

Peter Tramm, who played Bacon's double, received a screen credit, but many of the other dancers -- such as the breakdancers in the classic prom scene -- did not, especially since they were brought in for a last-minute reshoot to add some zeitgeisty moves.

Moviefone talked to the original's choreographer, Lynne Taylor-Corbett, as well as uncredited dancer Christopher Harrison and the late Tramm's partner, Jay Grimes, to revisit 'Footloose' and learn why they had to shoot that prom scene twice.