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The brilliantly cheesy 1992 movie-musical 'Newsies,' about newspaper boys in 1900s New York who bring down their corrupt boss, is being turned into a Broadway show.

Though the film's star, a baby-faced Christian Bale, refuses to acknowledge 'Newsies' and claims to have never seen the final product, and though it flopped big-time at the box office, 'Newsies' has actually become a cult classic for anyone who loves journalism, musicals, and Christian Bale at his most attractive.

'Newsies' is full of catchy songs and awesome dance numbers -- most of the kids hired for the film, directed by 'High School Musical' director Kenny Ortega, were actually dancers rather than actors.

The scene we're most excited to see re-created (and yes, um, some of us may own 'Newsies' on DVD) is the infamous 'King of New York' dance, which begins with the still relevant line: "If you're in the papes, you're famous and if you're famous you can get anything you want!"
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A newsboy (Christian Bale) leads an 1899 strike against Joseph Pulitzer (Robert Duvall). Read More

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