15 years ago today, 'Showgirls,' a movie about a fame-hungry dancer (Elizabeth Berkley, then known as Jessie Spano from 'Saved by the Bell') determined to make it in Las Vegas, infamously roared into theaters. It was immediately panned for its over-the-top plot, dialogue and lead performance, and most critics, including Roger Ebert, seemed to think it had completely wasted its NC-17 rating.

But since its theatrical release, many people -- myself included -- have come to embrace 'Showgirls' for its so-called bad qualities, to the point where it has become a rare camp classic.

I was only nine years old the year 'Showgirls' came out, so I had to wait until it came to cable to see it, much to my parents' dismay. But to this day, for better or worse, it remains one of the quintessential movie-watching experiences of my life. I can quote nearly every line, from both the unedited and dubbed VH1 versions ("I want my freaking suitcase ... DIRTBAG!"); I can reenact some of the dance moves (which I sadly used to do with my sisters); I sometimes pronounce Versace "Ver-sayce," just for kicks; I've even contemplated changing my diet to brown rice, vegetables and Evian (though, luckily, I've never tried Doggy Chow).

So in honor of 'Showgirls'' 15th birthday, here's a look back at a few of my favorite scenes. (WARNING: Clips are NSFW.)
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