One of the worst rumors to swirl around 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' was that Summit Entertainment was seriously considering making the film 3-D. For the haters, it would mean an extra dimension of painful cinema, while the Twi-hards could enjoy a 3-D extravaganza of romance, but not a whole lot of action to warrant an immersive experience. Star Kristen Stewart wasn't so sure about the whole idea, pondering that "maybe certain scenes" could be, while others (*cough* Renesmee's arrival *cough*) should not.

Well now there's news to at least partially ease your fears, or dash your lusty hopes: Summit has told Cinematical that: "True, neither film is being shot in 3-D." But let us remember, there are two ways to throw viewers into an added dimension. You can plan for it and shoot it that way, or you can run it through that fancy conversion process.
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